How long does it take till I get my medications?

How long does it take till I get my medications?

Hmmmmm!!! Truthfully, logistics has been our biggest challenge, we are still exploring other options that can allow our delivery happen faster (especially for orders outside of Lagos).

We currently use a 3rd party logistics partner that allows us do doorstep delivery nationwide, but this means that delivery timeliness is out of our direct control as the logistics partner work according to their own timelines.

Orders within Lagos take between 1-2 working days to be delivered, while orders outside of Lagos, take between 3-7 days to be delivered. 

Although works are currently on-going to make this delivery durations way shorter. We are looking to explore better partners for now and we plan to own our own logistics arm in the nearest future. 

Bear with us for now, we are excited about our future.

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      To get started, sign up on the get started form and fill in your details with a list of your medications- including the specific brand names (if any) and the accurate dosage and dosing frequency. A care specialist will be assigned immediately to you ...
    • Does Famasi deliver all medications?

      No, please see below for medications we can’t deliver. – Schedule II medications are not dispensed by our pharmacy. narcotics such as oxycodone and non-narcotic medications like Aderall aren’t available and need to be filled through another pharmacy. ...
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      Yes, you can sign up for your parents or loved ones. Kindly fill in the details of the loved one or an available caregiver when signing up. A care specialist will be assigned to reach out to your loved one or caregiver and the service invoice will be ...
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      Yes, we are able to deliver your medications in a discrete manner. Kindly pre-inform us when making your order and this will be sorted.