How much does delivery cost?

How much does delivery cost?

For our refill customers, delivery is FREE for recurring orders, while for a first-time customer, the delivery cost depends on your location.
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    • Is Famasi more expensive than retail pharmacies?

      No, it is not. One of our goals is to make your medicines available at affordable rates. Because we are an online service. We do not have heavy overhead cost and can afford to charge you low rates for our services. We charge a Monthly service charge ...
    • Can I pay on delivery?

      We currently do not accept payment on delivery as a payment option. However, we do accept various forms of payment, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and online payment platforms for your convenience.
    • How do I change my delivery details?

      To update your medication delivery address, first log in to your dashboard and navigate to your profile. From there, enter the new address where you wish to receive your medications, and click on the save button to save the changes. Alternatively, ...
    • How long does it take till I get my medications?

      Hmmmmm!!! Truthfully, logistics has been our biggest challenge, we are still exploring other options that can allow our delivery happen faster (especially for orders outside of Lagos). We currently use a 3rd party logistics partner that allows us do ...
    • Does Famasi deliver only branded medications?

      No, we pay attention to your preferences and your pocket-size and we are happy to provide you with your choice of medicines. Like most pharmacies, we substitute generic medications whenever possible to help ensure the lowest cost for you. If you ...