Famasi Care Plans

What Care Plans does Famasi have?

At Famasi, there is a plan for everyone. Whether you manage certain health conditions or not, a plan can be curated for you, to match your lifestyle. 

You can go through our plans and pricing page to see what plans work for you and get started today.

Our Wellness plans include;
Detox Plan coming soon.

Our Standard Care plans Include;

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    • How does Famasi work?

      To ease our operations customer wise, Famasi was split in two. The Wellness part, for people who do not nurse any chronic illness and do not require prescription meds, but are willing to make that conscious and continuous decision to maintain proper ...
    • What are the prices for Famasi plans?

      Pocket- friendly! Our care is highly personalized and this means we take your preferred brand choice into consideration when planning for you. A care specialist is immediately assigned to you once you sign up here and your brand and pricing needs can ...
    • Does Famasi deliver all medications?

      No, please see below for medications we can’t deliver. – Schedule II medications are not dispensed by our pharmacy. narcotics such as oxycodone and non-narcotic medications like Aderall aren’t available and need to be filled through another pharmacy. ...
    • Is Famasi more expensive than retail pharmacies?

      No, it is not. One of our goals is to make your medicines available at affordable rates. Because we are an online service. We do not have heavy overhead cost and can afford to charge you low rates for our services. We charge a Monthly service charge ...
    • Does Famasi deliver only branded medications?

      No, we pay attention to your preferences and your pocket-size and we are happy to provide you with your choice of medicines. Like most pharmacies, we substitute generic medications whenever possible to help ensure the lowest cost for you. If you ...